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Notice. This journal is now unused.   
09:55pm 28/11/2006
  D.Gray-Man fic, When All of the Colors Are One, can be found here. Linali-centric. And a Sam-centric fic for Supernatural, What Dreams Have Come, was posted a while back too.

But in short: tobiranomukoue is no longer going to be used for my fanworks. Instead, I've made a new fanworks community over at absolution_sky, so please check that out. Thanks to all of you for friending this little blah-ish fanworks journal, and I hope the new comm will only get better and better :D

Thanks again!
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[Tales of Symphonia] [Sheena-centric] Knocking on Heaven's Door   
10:21pm 12/10/2006
mood: refreshed
Title: Knocking on Heaven's Door (also at ff.net here)
Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Rating: T/PG-13
Length: 2,722 words (all drabbles are over 300 words except #1)
Pairing: Lloyd/Sheena, pre-series Zelos/Sheena
Prompts: [#001-007] 001. Angel, 002. Gravity, 003. Wounds, 004. Cry, 005. Fire, 006. Water, 007. Dark vs. Light
Disclaimer: ToS, not mine.
Warnings: Obviously, knowing who Sheena really is helps; Zelos is in 5, and 7 reflects on a scene near the end of the game.
Summary: For the tos_100 challenge at livejournal. One hundred legs of her journey, when she had nothing to lose, everything to gain, and someone to fight for. [Sheena centric]

This short fic collection’s full of mixed pairings and possibilities, so if that’s not your thing, here’s your warning.

Themes #1-7 (‘cause I couldn’t cry, ‘cause I turned away)

( And I believe this may call for a proper introduction, and well / Don't you see, I'm the narrator, and this is just the prologue? )

Huge thanks to Dex, the amazing multipurpose beta who definitely helped spruce up 4 and 6, among others. If anyone’s interested in reviewing for characterization, I wouldn’t mind. Comments are great (you can leave them here or at ff.net, though I guess I prefer the latter? Or whichever, really, both are good XD), and hope you enjoyed :D

(PS: Damn, looks like "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage" - Panic! At The Disco" doesn't fit in the "music" box. That makes me sad. D: )

Also, posted the 1sentence claim for Chase/Cameron from House a few days ago, which is backdated in the journal here if you want to see that.
[House, M.D.] [Chase/Cameron] Theme set epsilon #1-50   
11:18pm 09/10/2006
mood: mellow
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: Robert Chase/Allison Cameron
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: PG-13 (aka, T), probably. Spoilers for 2x07 Hunting, 2x08 The Mistake, and 2x24 No Reason.

For the 1sentence challenge. Yeah, starting down that slippery slope towards dabbling in TV fandoms. Oh noes. D: And can't believe it took me this long to post. Oh well. And only (29. Safe) has spoilers for the finale, if that worries you.

( it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality )

The problem I have with my sentences is that so many of them are the same, especially since just as many draw from 2x07 Hunting. Argh.

Bah. But uhm. A lot of these were crack, obviously. And it’s more of an alternate pairing than a canon one (not as though any of the House ones are “canon”, I guess), which might explain it. Me and my strange love for these alternates lately. I laugh when I look at the ones that make Chase seem jealous or insecure. I like a few of these, actually. That surprises me.

Hope you (at least somewhat) enjoyed, and comments are wonderful things. Thanks :)
[Detective Conan] Raindrops - one shot   
11:37pm 02/10/2006
mood: content
Title: Raindrops
Fandom: Detective Conan
Rating: PG/K when or if I post to ff.net
Length: 1,097 words
Disclaimer: It's not mine.
Warnings: Know Haibara? Good. Otherwise, no specific spoilers.
Summary: Because those raindrops, they can be so much like herself sometimes. Haibara-centric.

Not a fake cut to ff.net, for once. ( Carbon and bromide, incomparable stand-ins for the living and the knowing and the breathing and the alive. )

So yes, I gotta say, this definitely isn’t my normal style. Dunno how it came about, either. It just…did? Yeah. That’s all the explanation I have.

Major thanks to Dex for doing the editing despite not knowing the series and catching all these crazy scary errors, and a huge, huge thank you to Rika, who read it in earlier the writing circle and loved it and her comments made me go “zomg” and helped, and…yeah. Comments and reviews are appreciated too. :)
[Samurai 7] [Katsushirou/Kirara] Spinning on the Edge #31-35 [bonus themes]   
11:16pm 11/09/2006
mood: accomplished
Fandom: Samurai 7
Title: Spinning on the Edge
Theme(s): [#31-35] 31. Cold (~bloody destiny), 32. Black (~sleeping in the red), 33. Kill (~house of pain), 34. Teddy-bear (~demon master), 35. Haha...... (~secret passage)
Pairing/Characters: Katsushirou/Kirara
Rating: K+/whatever
Disclaimer/claimer: S7 belongs to its creators. 31's at the near end, and 35 has spoilers for that one episode in the 20s.
Summary: Thirty ways they broke each others' hearts. Thirty ways their romance was fated to be sad. [KatsushirouKirara]

The five bonus themes at last, which means I'm done. Yay for overkill. Still amazed that I'm finished with all of them, so...yes. Out of all 35, #35 definitely came out the best. It's a one-shot on how and why Katsushirou left home, so if you're not interested in the pairing or angst thing, there's that.

Thanks for the reviews and support along the way, to the reviewers and especially to the beta. :)

( You're dirty and you're sweet/you know you're everything to me )

But yay, first fic I've ever finished. (!!) So yeah. I actually like how I did 35, a little, because I'm weaving that new style of mine in. Fwa and all that.

Also, forgot to post two entries - the ConanAi batch for 1sentence, and the Tsubasa/Misaki batch for 30_kisses, so those are up and backdated.
[Gakuen Alice] [Tsubasa/Misaki] Key to Flying #11-15   
09:14pm 30/08/2006
mood: calm, but busy soon
Title: Key to Flying
Pairing: Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki
Fandom: Gakuen Alice
Theme: [#11-15] 11. gardenia, 12. in a good mood, 13. excessive chain, 14. radio-cassette player, 15. perfect blue
Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice doesn't belong to me.
Summary: Done for 30_kisses on lj. A guy hopelessly infatuated and a girl hopelessly oblivious. Or, thirty ways the poor boy loses out on getting a kiss. Somewhat.

I write them, but I never end up posting them timely. Whoops.

( she doesn’t really believe in waxing poetic )

[Detective Conan] [ConanAi] Theme set delta #1-50   
11:09pm 19/08/2006
mood: tired, headache, etc
Fandom: Detective Conan/Meitantei Conan
Pairing: Edogawa Conan/Haibara Ai
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG/PG-13 (aka K+/T)

For the 1sentence challenge. I actually finished this weeks ago, before I first claimed it, but...I was lazy and didn't post? Something like that. Reclaiming this for another set anyway. Fell asleep yesterday because the beginning of school is just too tiring and I shouldn't rant any more, so I'm finally posting tonight. Whoops.

Refresher for my fl: There are two teenagers, Kudo Shinichi and Mouri Ran. They like each other but are stupid about it (aka, neither of them knows the other's feelings). Shinichi is poisoned by the Black Organization, which shrinks him into Conan. Later he meets Haibara Ai (Miyano Shiho), who also shrank because of the drug. She was the one who made it and later ran from the organization, and that's where they are. Yes, this is somewhat of an alternate pairing. Bah, I say.

( rain, rain, go away, how much more do I have to pay? )

Naturally, my favorites are the shortest ones. Wish I could’ve worked more dialogue in, but doing so would invite horrible mangled run-on sentences with three semicolons and dashes in each of them, so yes.

But really, working with ConanAi for a challenge like this is perfect. The sentence restriction lets you put in only so much, but if you put in the right kind of thing, the meanings are double and triple-layered. And that’s the kind of thing I enjoy greatly, to the “argh no why” of others.

But yes, this was a warm-up to a larger DC fic that I’m planning and scribbling out, which won’t be posted for…er, forever. And claiming another challenge for something I swore I'd never write... But yes.

And comments are good. :O
[Witch Hunter Robin] [Sakaki/Karasuma] Theme set beta #1-50   
11:45pm 29/07/2006
mood: cheerful
Fandom: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Sakaki Haruto/Karasuma Miho
Theme set: Beta
Rating: PG/PG13 (aka, K+/T), probably. Some post-series sentences, no spoilers.

For the 1sentence challenge. I think I did not fall prey to the triple-semicolon-hyphen-per-sentence trap.

( Just stay until we know we tried one more time )

Comment on what you liked, what you didn't, so on and so forth. They're appreciated, and thanks.

ConanAi sentences either tomorrow, the day after, or whenever the claim's approved, so yay.
[Tsukihime] Crimson Rebirth - one shot   
10:00pm 27/07/2006
mood: calm
Title: Crimson Rebirth
Characters: Arcueid Brunestud, kinda from her POV
Fandom: Shingetsutan Tsukihime/Tsukihime Lunar Legend
Summary: It was his fault that she died and had to undergo this painful regeneration process, and he would have to pay. Of course.

For those of you that know how much I love Arcueid, yeah, well, went and wrote this. Actually, wrote this ages and ages (almost a year) ago, and only posted it just now. And it's all because of Dex, since I was musing to her about how I couldn't think of an idea for Tsukihime and she said 'well, why don't you write a fic that starts with 'So this is what dying felt like,'' and it went from there.

Bah. It's a one shot. And stuff. Pokey. ( Oh well. )

Signed up for two challenges at 1sentence, one for ConanAi from Detective Conan, and one for Karasuma and Sakaki from Witch Hunter Robin. Those will be posted very very soon.
[Gakuen Alice] [Tsubasa/Misaki] Key to Flying #6-10   
11:53pm 07/07/2006
mood: home, music, and internet (!)
Title: Key to Flying
Pairing: Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki
Fandom: Gakuen Alice
Theme: [#6-10] 6. the space between dream and reality; 7. superstar; 8. our own world; 9. dash; 10. #10
Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice doesn't belong to me.
Summary: Done for 30_kisses over on lj. A guy hopelessly infatuated and a girl hopelessly oblivious. Or, thirty ways the poor boy loses out on getting a kiss. Somewhat. [Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki]

These didn't come out as well as I hoped they would.

( and I'll do anything you ever/dreamed to be complete )

Not an update. Looked through my records and it seems like I forgot to backdate, so just in case if some of you are going 'wtf there's no part 3!', that's why. Apologies.
[Samurai 7] fanfiction - 30_angsts themes (Spinning on the Edge)   
10:35pm 01/07/2006
mood: morose
Fandom: Samurai 7
Title: Spinning on the Edge
Theme(s): [#26-30] 26. Under your Skin (~surreal reality), 27. Line between Love and Hate (~Dying just for you), 28. Tensai or Baka? (~cause of nature), 29. Fire; Water; Earth; Metal; Wood (~one last dinner), 30. Angsts (~seeing you and the other)
Pairing/Characters: Katsushirou/Kirara
Rating: K+/whatever
Disclaimer/claimer: S7 belongs to its creators. 28 and 29 are at the near-end end, and 30 gives away the end to the love triangle in the series.
Summary: Thirty ways they broke each others' hearts. Thirty ways their romance was fated to be sad. [KatsushirouKirara]

Sorry, though they had been finished for months, I completely lost interest in posting. Completely. BUT, I'm done. Done, done, done. Complete with all 30 claims. :D

I'm still going to post the final 5 bonus themes, and so. Major thanks to the beta for helping and pointing out a big detail, and comments are greatly appreciated. Crossposted.

( The end of the road, whoohoo )

I was trying to decide whether to post this or the 30 kisses, since that's 4 days away from the 2 month deadline and both are uploaded to ff.net...but then this won, since, you know, this means I've completed the challenge and I like the idea of that more. XD I'll get the 30 kisses up in 2 days or so, so it all works.
[Gakuen Alice][iconfiend100 - general series] batch post #3   
09:26pm 24/06/2006
mood: disappointed
Series: Gakuen Alice
Theme set: Alpha
Theme(s): 5, 6, 15, 21, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 34, 35, 48, Artist's Choice 76-87
# of icons in post: 25 (+ 5 alternates = 30)
# of icons completed total: 75/100 (+22 alternates = 97)
Credits: I used brushes from one site that I can't find the URL to...if I figure it out, it'll go in the official credits post.

For the iconfiend100 challenge. Geh, I'm losing the energy to do this. Maybe a part of the difficulty was that I banned myself from making any more Natsume and Mikan icons this time (after I discovered I made at least 10 and there are way too many of them already and Mikan isn't even one of my favorites), but...yeah. This is a batch of mostly various random characters and some of the ones I haven't made as many icons for as I'd have liked. For some of the random characters I'd like to make more icons of...well, no one would know who they are. And then there'd be no point to that. So...oh well.

And...25 more icons and I am done. Fwa. Posting the final two parts to the S7 thing soon. Just in case people thought I forgot about that.


( but somewhere here in between the city walls of dying dreams )
[Gakuen Alice][iconfiend100 - general series] batch post #2   
10:11pm 11/06/2006
mood: contemplative
Series: Gakuen Alice
Theme set: Alpha
Theme(s): 3, 16, 17, 24, 27, 33, 37, 41, 45, 47, 49, Artist's Choice 62-75
# of icons in post: 25 (+ 6 alternates = 31)
# of icons completed total: 50/100 (+17 alternates = 67)
Credits: I used brushes from one site that I can't find the URL to...if I figure it out, it'll go in the official credits post.

For the iconfiend100 challenge. Okay, so it took me a while and I guess I can't blame it all on finals...but...eh. Halfway through, and hopefully I'll finish soon as people are prodding me to finish/start...other challenges. Heh.

Still thinking about what to do with this journal. Hm hm hm. I'll...think of something soon.


( this is the dawning of the rest of our lives )
[Samurai 7] fanfiction - 30_angsts themes (Spinning on the Edge)   
08:57pm 21/05/2006
mood: busy/annoyed
Fandom: Samurai 7
Title: Spinning on the Edge
Theme(s): [#21-25] 21. Lost Memories (~touching the illusion), 22. Once upon a time... (~you are never here for once), 23. Black Roses (~red funeral), 24. Blush (~no future), 25. To touch the Devil is to die (~dying from bliss)
Pairing/Characters: Katsushirou/Kirara
Rating: K+/whatever
Disclaimer/claimer: S7 belongs to its creators. 21 is post series, and 25 is near the end enough to be spoiler-ish.
Summary: Thirty ways they broke each others' hearts. Thirty ways their romance was fated to be sad. [KatsushirouKirara]

Yay, finals. Last two updates will come slowly.

Thanks to the awesome beta, and reviews are greatly appreciated. :D

( I'm drowning in your vanity/your laugh is a disease )

Crossposted, and too lazy to reformat. Junks and stuffs, I guess. Well, at least I'm actually posting it in here this time, though I guess my normal fl won't be quite as happy about that. XD;

And again, this journal will more likely than not be taken down sometime in the future (though, I'm lazy, so there's no guarantee), so the normal journal can be watched instead. Or something.
[Gakuen Alice][iconfiend100 - general series] batch post #1   
10:05pm 13/05/2006
mood: amused
Series: Gakuen Alice
Theme set: Alpha
Theme(s): 1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 30, 36, 44, 46, 50, Artist's Choice 51-61
# of icons in post: 25 (+ 11 alternates = 36)
# of icons completed total: 25/100
Credits: I used brushes from one site that I can't find the URL to...if I figure it out, it'll go in the official credits post.

So...icon post. Yeah. For the iconfiend100 challenge. And so on and so forth, I guess.

I find it ironic how I'm posting in my icon journal...which links to my main journal. Kinda funny. XD;


( bang bang my baby shot me down )
Fanfiction - [Gakuen Alice] [Tsubasa/Misaki] Key to Flying #1-5   
11:58pm 05/05/2006
mood: sleepy
Title: Key to Flying
Author/Artist: DarkenedSakura
Pairing: Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki
Fandom: Gakuen Alice
Theme: [#1-5] 1. look over here; 2. news; letter; 3. jolt!; 4. our distance and that person; 5. "ano sa" ("hey, you know....")
Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice doesn't belong to me.
Summary: Done for 30_kisses over on lj. A guy hopelessly infatuated and a girl hopelessly oblivious. Or, thirty ways the poor boy loses out on getting a kiss. Somewhat. [Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki]

First post, fwa. Or something. I wonder how fast I can get these batches done.

And...so. Because Tsubasa and Misaki are definitely the old married couple of the series, and they deserve just as much love as the others. I don't think there's a single fic for them over in the GA section yet. Not that I've looked really hard, I guess.

( So have at it )

Actually, now that I've friends-locked my own journal and I post fanworks posts there now, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this. Crossposting it like that seems odd...so...I guess I'll figure it out. I want to turn it into a community for several people to post in instead, but then I'd have to bother with deleting it and all that. So...I dunno.

I guess what I'm saying is that I tend to post more at the other journal. Haven't posted the last 3 updates of Spinning on the Edge here. But at the same time, fic journal is good for when people who don't want to friend your journal but just see your stuff do that. So...I'll figure it out. Later. In the meantime, you're all welcome to add the normal journal instead.
[Samurai 7] fanfiction - 30_angsts themes (Spinning on the Edge)   
10:23pm 20/03/2006
mood: anxious XD;
Type: fanfiction
Genre: angst/romance...bleh, romance (I'm scaring myself)
Fandom: Samurai 7
Word count: 1901
Ratings: that weird K+ rating at ff.net. PG or something, I guess.
Warnings: Hate Katsushirou or Kirara or the pairing, don't read. Same goes for angst. Slight spoilers here and there which will be marked, but none in this batch.
Themes: [#1-5] 1. Broken (~Killing for the sake of Killing), 2. Toys (~For when you die I'll be there for you), 3. Hand phone; cell phone; mobile phone (~a call from heaven), 4. Angels and Devils; Disguise (~wings stain with blood), 5. True Love (~seeking for you)

Haven't posted at ff.net in nearly a year. I feel slightly nervous. Slightly. Ack.

...I'm trying to procrastinate on posting it, but I'm also trying to do so with my math homework and in the end one of them has to give. Ack. I'm still scared about the fact that yes, I've written something that constitutes "romance." Even if it's angsty stuff. What is the world coming to...?

Okay, okay, posting now. I'm good. I think.
ff.net link: (sorry, too lazy to reformat for lj) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2853238/1/

I like comments? XD Many thanks to the betas, and yeah...feedback is good. It's been so long since I've written that I'd really like to know if I'm any good. Thanks again. Sorry for the weird linkage.

crossposted ish to 30_angsts, samurai_7
Fanart - Tales of Symphonia - A Night On the Town   
11:34pm 04/02/2006
mood: amused/sheepish
Type: fanart
Genre: romance, I guess...it was a pairing request I got.
Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Style: "paintings and airbrushing"
Ratings: PG
Warnings: none, unless you hate Lloyd/Sheena

Hi, I haven't been around lately. Uh, how've you been? *sweatdrops* Dunno what happened...school and stuff, I guess. Lost interest in art. But now I have several pieces that should be finished soon...er, yeah. At least the realism one. I'll work on it.

This one's not so good, but I did promise a few people that I'd show them, so here goes. Maybe I'll just scrap it one day.

deviantART: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/28610681/

In the meantime, I've finished a ton of icons. I'll get to posting them soon. They're mostly for Samurai 7, with some Tales of Symphonia and Gunslinger Girl. Maybe some Bleach and Zettai Shounen, if I get to them.
Art - Kairos character study - The Introduction of Kairos .01.   
11:11pm 06/10/2005
mood: busy
Type: fanart
Genre: n/a
Fandom: none at all for the near first time.
Style: CGI/"paintings and airbrushing"
Ratings: PG
Warnings: none

I love my tablet now. :D Before, I could barely use it, and only for coloring because I was used to coloring while looking at the screen from the mouse, but now...I can do everything on it. And it saves paper and stuff. And I can just doodle and practice. Heh.

Regarding ToS doujinshi group I'm in and my current project...anyone care to help?Collapse )

Anyway, aside from that, onto the art. I'm starting a character study/series, and this is Kairos. Really cool character. I want to write a story for her, maybe have each picture be part of some large storyboard. That'd be awesome, wouldn't it? Hm. Hmmmmmmm.

And this journal feels lonely and empty, so it hopes that you shall comment this time around, or sooner or later :)

deviantART link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/23728171/
sheezyART link: http://www.sheezyart.com/view/525848/

EDIT: deleted and reposted twice, because it wasn't showing up. Can you guys recheck if you saw it already and tell me if you can see it? Thanks.
Art - LOST - .1. Maggie Grace   
09:28pm 27/09/2005
mood: busy as all hell
Type: realistic portrait
Genre: n/a
Fandom: ...it's LOST applicable, I guess.
Style: realism sketch...hm, yeah.
Ratings: PG
Warnings: none

I know, I know...months of inactivity is unhealthy. Well, I just moved (okay, nearly 2 months ago) to China, but...argh, let's just say I'm not making a good transition. And I can't see photobucket or imageshack here, so it's making life difficult. The school also gives a bit too much work, so...this might coax out some writing out of me then, when I stop being scared of writing anything.

Sigh. Anyway. Know LOST? Sure you do. Everyone has to. It's awesome, and this is Maggie Grace who plays Shannon Rutherford. The rest of my babble's up on the sites, etc. Can't upload it on the website since I can't access Angelfire in China, so...

Yes, I hate my internet (and life) here. Bah.

Comments very appreciated since this is another one of those tricky realism pics, not the standard anime fare. So yeah, thanks :)

deviantART: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/23392910/
sheezyART (god, I need to decide if I'll quit it or not...) http://www.sheezyart.com/view/517008/